How Much is a Divorce?

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The cost of a divorce depends on a range of different factors. This includes your circumstances, the circumstances surrounding the divorce, and the financial implications of the divorce on both parties.

One fixed cost of getting a divorce is the fee courts charge to handle divorce paperwork. Currently, this is £550 and is normally paid by the Petitioner, i.e. the person instigating the divorce proceedings.

Generally speaking, the more complex the divorce is, the more it will cost in terms of solicitor’s fees. This means an uncontested divorce where you have agreed all or most of the major issues will cost less than a more difficult or complex divorce. This is because the former situation requires less time for a solicitor to prepare paperwork and process the divorce through court.

In short, you should get an estimate of what the divorce will cost. At Lloyd Platt & Co, we are committed to making it clear from the outset the costs you may incur on your divorce.

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